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Public Transport Passenger

Commuter Testimonials

City of Palo Alto Hdshots Sue 032222_0027-smaller.jpg

Downtown retail employee

“Using the PATMA Clipper Card helps my household in multiple ways: it allows us to own ONE fewer car (and associated costs) and makes me a better family member and employee by not having to worry about moving my car. During work I’m able to be more attentive to our customers and less stressed from driving the commute.”

City of Palo Alto Hdshots Ruben 032222_0110-Edit smaller.jpg

Ruben, Manager,
Downtown Streets Team

The Clipper Card “saves me from the traffic from San Jose to Palo Alto and wear and tear on my truck every day to and from work.”

downtown retail employee

Alejandra, HR,
Coupa Cafe

 “The transit pass program is an important incentive for our employees. The program allows employees to get to work without driving their vehicles which means fewer cars on Palo Alto’s residential streets and more parking spaces downtown for our customers.” 

City of Palo Alto Hdshots Nathaniel 032222_0054-Edit smaller.jpg

Nathaniel, Store Manager,

“Over the past two years, I have witnessed the positive impact of PATMA’s transportation program, specifically the TMA transit passes, on the ability of our employees to commute to our shop while aligning with the company’s environmental values. The ability to have an inexpensive and convenient way to commute allows us to recruit and retain staff in a very expensive cost of living market.”

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