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About Us


What’s a TMA?

A Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a non-profit organization that develops, manages and markets transportation programs. In 2015, the City Council set an ambitious goal to reduce single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips by 30% over the next few years, and prioritized addressing transportation and parking challenges in downtown Palo Alto.


A combination of programs, incentives and new policies will be needed to achieve the SOV reduction goal, and the TMA was established to focus on providing solutions to shift the travel modes of commuters and residents. These programs will be monitored for effectiveness, and the organization will be nimble so it can respond quickly to changing needs.

Our Mission

The Palo Alto TMA reduces Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) trips, traffic congestion and demand for parking by delivering targeted transportation solutions to the Downtown area’s diverse range of employers, employees, visitors and residents. The TMA also serves as a one-stop transportation information resource for the broader community; it provides a forum for community dialogue and is an active voice in local and regional transportation issues. While the primary focus of the TMA is the Downtown population whose travel choices have the highest impacts, its programs and services may extend beyond these constituents.


By encouraging and enabling more non-drive alone trips, the TMA contributes to the overall quality of life both in Downtown and throughout Palo Alto; it supports the city’s economic vitality and helps achieve the city’s environmental goals.

Role of the TMA

The TMA is not a City agency. It is a non-profit organization made up of local businesses and institutions that provide funding for and management of transportation programs. The TMA will not set City policies or make decisions that are the responsibility of the City. Much like chambers of commerce and neighborhood associations, the TMA will be an advocate for policy but does not set City policy or make decisions that are the responsibility of the City.

Want to participate? Click here for the TMA Board of Directors Meeting calendar.

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