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Palo Alto TMA

Delivering targeted transportation solutions to change the way employees commute!

Palo Alto Transportation Management Association (PATMA) reduces traffic and demand for parking by improving commuting. We contribute to the overall quality of life, increasing Palo Alto’s economic vitality and furthering environmental goals.

For Employees

Let us help with your commute.

You may qualify for a free bus/train

pass or bike incentives. 

For Managers

Reduce employee turnover by connecting your employees with free transit passes and bike commute incentives.

Commuter Testimonials

Dion Health

“I ride from Redwood City to Cal Ave daily. I love the ease, and calmness of the train. It’s fast and
economical. No worries about traffic or gas prices or wear and tear on my car. I’ve convinced my coworker to use the program as well. Let’s keep helping the environment and enjoying the ride!”

Whole Foods Market

“The benefits of having a transit pass are that I can avoid traffic and it’s fast. Taking transit saves me money so I have more to take care of my family.”

downtown retail employee

Sheraton Hotel

 “When I have to drive to work from Belmont I wish I was on the train. The Belmont Caltrain station is
conveniently down the hill and then when I go home I get exercise biking up the hill. Plus it’s fun taking the train home on Friday afternoon because people are happy it’s the weekend.” 

Palo Alto Bicycles

“The train from San Jose is faster than driving. Not
being in bumper-to-bumper traffic reduces the stress
of my commute.”

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