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Delivering targeted transportation solutions to change the way employees commute!

Palo Alto Transportation Management Association (PATMA) reduces traffic and demand for parking by improving commuting. We contribute to the overall quality of life, increasing Palo Alto’s economic vitality and furthering environmental goals.

For Employees

Let us help with your commute.

You may qualify for a free bus/train pass,

Waze or Lyft credits.

For Employers

No/Low Cost Ways to Help Your Employees

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Commuter Testimonials

M, Sheraton, Transit Pass

I'm thinking of going back to school with the money I save from the TMA's transit pass.

Hotel Employee, Lyft Program

What a blessing this program has been for me, and I am very grateful to have the option of using Lyft. I live equally distant between the Palo Alto and Menlo Park train stations, and the Lyft credit makes it possible to get to my work in Downtown Palo Alto without a car. Thank you so much.

 K, Il Fornaio, Transit Pass

I get off late at night and the Caltrain whizzes you home. Having another $80/month makes a big difference, like the City is looking out for you. It's also convenient that I only have to tag on and off one trip and then not the rest of the month. That way if I'm running late for the train I can just jump on. That extra minute makes a difference between catching the train or missing it.

Omar, Zareen's, Cal Ave Program

Hear from Omar Chavez, a compelling telling of how he moved across the Bay from Hayward to Bayshore to take advantage of the Caltrain commute. When the Cal Ave pilot ended, Omar was considering buying a car, since driving was now cheaper for him than the Caltrain ticket.

The transit pass program is now extended to Cal Ave and Omar was the first to sign up!