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Are you new to teleworking? Do you feel lost in the myriad of video conferencing options? Having a hard time connecting with your IT department? Here’s how the TMA can help:

Reach out to us for technical support and consultation! Every Monday to Friday, between 2-4 pm.

  • Office hours for a technical consultation - Reach out to us and we will be your tech support! We’ll help solve your audio/video problems for all web and phone meeting tools such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and many many more! We’ll help you configure screen-sharing, webcams, lighting and much more so you save time in the actual meeting.

  • Equipment and IT needs - Do you need help maintaining the computer and supporting equipment? The TMA can assist you in servicing and upgrades. 

  • Teleconference etiquettes - Many of us are not quite used to video conferencing. We don’t know how to act, where to look, what to wear, and so forth. The TMA can help you in your conundrum. Stop by the office hour!

  • Tips to be socially connected - Impromptu water cooler conversations are key to staying connected to your coworkers. TMA is happy to provide ideas to stay virtually connected to your coworkers. 

  • Fun Zoom tips - Start your meetings with a healthy dose of laughter and break the ice with potential client. Zoom offers virtual backgrounds, react emojis, beauty filters and much more!

Text us at (507) 339-4301‬
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