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california avenue pilot

Cal Ave Pilot Project Ends

With the Cal Ave Transit Pass Program Pilot, PATMA purchased, distributed, and tracked transit passes for Cal Ave service workers making less than $70,000 per year. We purchased more than 50 passes per month, with the program operating for eight months from March-October 2019. We are very grateful to participating Cal Ave employers and to our two $50,000 funders, Palantir and Facebook. 


Lessons learned from Cal Ave also benefited the downtown transit pass program. We conclude that PATMA can expand to new areas and that other cities involved in the Manzanita Talks can easily adopt the unique PATMA transit pass program. 

Our ongoing attempts to secure permanent public or private funding of $10,000 per month to extend the program have not yet been successful. We will quickly restart the program if/when funding arises. In the interim, PATMA can provide fee-based commute program services to Cal Ave businesses.

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