If you’re one of the thousands of employees who’d like to find a better way to get to work, Palo Alto TMA can help!  Right now, we’ve got three programs just for Downtown employees.  Not sure what might work for you – or need advice?  We’re happy to help!  We can evaluate your individual needs and help you sort out the options.  Take a look at what’s currently offered:

$2 Carpools

People are carpooling to Palo Alto from all over the Bay Area!

See where the carpoolers are and find out how you can save more time and money!

Free Transit Passes

Would you take transit if it wasn’t so expensive?

You may qualify for a FREE pass on Caltrain, SamTrans, VTA or the Dumbarton Express.

Lyft for Short Trips

Do you live in E. Palo Alto or within 2-3 miles of downtown?  Do you live within 2-3 miles of a Caltrain station?  We can help you Lyft directly to work from nearby neighborhoods, or to your local Caltrain station.

Need help figuring out the best way to commute?  We’re happy to help you with personalized commute planning.