Carpooling FAQ

Palo Alto TMA/SCOOP Downtown Employees Carpooling Program FAQ

How am I assured of getting the $2.00 per ride price?

When you download the app and enter your downtown Palo Alto work address, the $2.00 per ride price will automatically populate.  (You’ll enter your work address as your destination in the morning; as your starting point for afternoon trips.)

Where will I be picked up?

Scoop is a door-to-door service.  A driver will pick you up at your home and drop you off at your work address.  If you don’t want to be picked up at your home, you can enter a convenient street corner, instead.  You may also want to be picked up in front of a public place such as a church, a library, etc.  That’s fine – just enter the address!


What is the ‘service area’ for Scoop?

Scoop is operating from the East Bay, South Bay, San Francisco, and even Santa Cruz!  If you live within a 40-45 mile radius of downtown Palo Alto, chances are, you can carpool with Scoop.

Are there any other fees or monthly charges?

NO!  Scoop is a ‘pay as you go’ program.  The app is free.  No monthly charges or membership fees.

How will I know who I’m matched with?

Matches for the morning commute are made at 9pm the night before.  You’re sent a ‘profile’ of your driver, including what kind of car you’ll be riding in.  If you’re a driver, you’ll be sent a profile of the person you’ll be picking up.  Matches for the evening ride are made by 3pm.

If I like a particular driver (or rider), can I request them again?  Conversely, if I don’t like someone, can I avoid being matched with them again?

Yes.  You can “favorite” a match at any time, and Scoop will automatically try to match you with that person again.  Likewise, if you don’t like someone, you can indicate that you don’t want to be matched with them again.

How do I pay the $2.00 per ride fee? 

After you download the app and register with Scoop, you’ll be asked for either a debit or credit card.  Billing is done as soon as your trip is completed; you never pay the driver directly, and there is no tip involved.

If something happens and I can’t use Scoop for my return trip, how does the Guaranteed Ride Home work?

The app is ‘full service’ – a few clicks and you’ll be on your way in a taxi or Uber-type service.