03/03/17 Letter to Downtown Palo Alto Employers

March, 2017

Dear Downtown Palo Alto Business Owners and Managers:
We’d like to enlist your help on two important transportation issues this month.

  1. Add your voice to keep the electrification of Caltrain project moving forward.
  • Electrification of Caltrain is desperately needed to enable faster and more frequent service on the heavily-used San Francisco-to-San Jose corridor.
  • Funding is already lined up from local, regional and state funding sources, but now the Federal grant has been put on hold by the new Administration due to concerns about California’s high speed rail project.
  • Electrification is needed for our Caltrain light rail service, regardless of its connections (and the politics) of high speed rail.

Please help in one or more of the following ways:
1) Sign Caltrain’s White House Petition.
2) Send a customized letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.
3) Sign up for action alerts on more timely actions you can take.

Here’s the letter the Palo Alto TMA sent to Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

  1.  Provide feedback about the impact “Managed Lanes” on Highway 101 will have for your employees.
  • San Mateo County is considering adding ‘managed lanes’ to Highway 101 to improve commuting along the 101-corridor
  • Managed lanes can include high occupancy vehicle lanes, pricing to use the HOV lanes and other measures
  • An online survey will assess commuters’ preferences and inform policy recommendations

Please have your employees who commute on Highway 101 take the survey at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/vUm9DvePpMLIV4ax1

If you’d like your employees to be heard in person, you can schedule a group meeting by contacting:
Chris Lepe, at [email protected]
Adina Levin, at [email protected]
Jacque Ramos, at [email protected]

TMA Program Update:
The Palo Alto TMA is subsidizing bus and Caltrain commutes for some 80 low income workers; we’re subsidizing carpools for over 150 workers and we’re on track to help over 400 low income employees this year.We’ve asked City Council for additional funding to grow these much-needed services through 2018 to alleviate impacts of Downtown parking changes that will be coming.

Visit paloaltotma.org