02/24/17 Council offers a lift to traffic-fighting nonprofit

Council offers a lift to traffic-fighting nonprofit _ News _ Palo Alto Online (pdf)

“It’s a tiny nonprofit with a giant mission: solve downtown Palo Alto’s ever-worsening traffic problem.

But even as commuters continue to clog up local highway arteries every day, the ambitious but underfunded Palo Alto Transportation Management Association sees some reasons for optimism. The numbers of employees who have used the Scoop carpooling app or signed up for public-transit subsidies have exceeded expectations. According to a recent report from TMA Director Wendy Silvani, new businesses have enlisted to participate in the transit program, and the organization is on pace to max out of passes in March or early April.

The City Council has invested plenty of hope in the TMA, with Mayor Greg Scharff proclaiming in his “State of the City” speech earlier this month that he and his colleagues will look for ways this year to help the organization “mature and thrive.” “

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